Thursday, January 1, 2015

The first day of the new year.

130 miles on the motorcycle with 19 other people. A great time. Even if the temps started out at 21 degrees and finished at 43 or so.

Riding is like flying. One with machine. With the environment. Relying on your skills to make sure you arrive home safely.

I've been asked where my 'handle' - Soarer - comes from.

Simply, for my 18th birthday my parents bought me a ride in a sailplane. As an airplane junkie I was hooked. Soloing a few months la.ter I was able to log enough hours and flights to get my licence - but something called college and lack of money brought that dream to a grinding halt *grins*

But one flight in particular while flying a SGS-1-26 I was trying to find a thermal and was about to head for the landing strip when I noticed a hawk circling off my right wing. I headed is way and found my lift. Got a dirty look from the hawk as if he was saying, hey this my airspace. But after about 3 circles with me he headed off and soon disappeared from sight.

Anyway, Soarer means one who soars. And the definition of soar is 
  • to fly upward, as a bird.
  • to fly at a great height, without visible movements of the pinions, as a bird
  • to glide along at a height, as an airplane.
  • to rise or ascend to a height, as a mountain.
  • to rise or aspire to a higher or more exalted level
As I move through like I try to aspire to better myself.

So when you combine the 2 - Soarer fits.

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